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Do Tops Tech Diplomas help or hurt our kids?

April 11, 2019

    Across the state, thousands of students will receive the Tops Tech Diplomas. Many are unaware that it is a watered down diploma that is not the same as others although it looks the same on paper. Recipients can't use their diplomas to enter four-year colleges anywhere in the United States.

   High schools that push large numbers of students on this path are rewarded with high letter grades although student performance may not reflect the letter grade the receive. It's a state-backed boondoggle that creates the artificial picture that the state's LEAP 2025 program is graduating more students and improving learning.

   For our people, it's dangerous because we are lulled to sleep, thinking our schools are doing well.

   This Monroe Underground podcast gives more insight behind the April 13, 2019, Free Press headline, "Class of 2019 to include 133 Tops Tech graduates." See the story on

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